The UNESCO Chair in Energy for Sustainable Development operates in the Department of Energy at Politecnico di Milano since March 2012, to contribute actively to:

  • promote Teaching and Education, working on curricula upgrading, summer schools and international exchanges
  • foster Scientific Research,  contributing to human promotion and social development
  • enhance Technology transfer and community service,   fostering industry-university cooperation
  • enforce  Transversal partnerships and dissemination, activating a "virtual" network of knowledge to share international experiences.

The Chair cooperates with international institution and NGOs, in activities of knowledge sharing and training on issues related to access to energy and sustainable energies strategies.
The public-private partnership is enforced by working with the civil society players and/or public institution on research projects funded by private bodies for supporting local socio-economic growth.


Annual progress reports

UNESCO Chair E4SD report 2015

UNESCO Chair E4SD report 2014

UNESCO Chair E4SD report 2013


Quadrennial progress reports

UNESCO Chair E4SD report 2012-2016