We organize conferences and courses addressed to Italian and foreign students, international experts and NGOs.
Our aim is to create a high level platform and an international and effective network of experts, and produce a set of recommendations for further research activities on appropriate technologies tailored to benefit local economy, best practices and innovative business models, policy instrument to benefit local economy.

Training: collaboration with Universities

Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano, 26th March 2013
Lecturers at the Seminar on "Renewable and Distributed Energy Generation for Sustainable Development in Low-Income Contexts".


Training: collaboration with international organizations

ICS-UNIDO, Tunisi, 8th–12th October 2012

Lecturers  at  the  Training  Course  on  "Options  and  best  practices  for  renewable  energy technologies for productive uses in the Mediterranean region".


ICS-UNIDO, Trieste, 4th–8th June 2012

Lecturers  at  the   Summer   Course  on  "Renewable   energies  for  decentralized  systems: supporting tools and best practices for green energy and sustainable development"

UNIDO Renewable Energy e-learning course

Presented by the ICS-UNIDO in joint collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, the METID Service Area and the Department of Energy. The course covers subjects within a broad frame of renewable energies, specifically solar thermal energy, small-scale hydro power, biomass, and geothermal energy. Each subject is faced in a specific module by considering general basic concepts, technological aspects, economics, environmental issues, and appropriateness in relation with the context.
After closure of UNIDO-ICS, the platform is now in the hand of the UNIDO Institute.


Training: collaboration with civil society organizations

AVSI Foundation, 20th November 2012
Lecture in the annual upgrading course for expatriates
Access to Energy, Human Promotion and Sustainable Development


CeLIM, 13th October 2012

Energy, Environment and Development: challenges in the third millennium


Training: collaboration with other stakeholders

Camera Tuniso-Italiana di Commercio e Industria (CTICI), October 2013 - January 2014

E-learning course "Global energy scenarios and role of renewable energies in achieving Sustainable Development",  providing an overview of the various aspects that characterize the global energetic issue, focusing in particular on some renewable sources of specific interest, on the concept of appropriate technology and on the one of distributed generation, to eventually examine the aspects related to the business models for the local energy development.