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The challenge of education in Egypt at the light of post-2015 Agenda, RES4MED Event

28th September 2015 - Cairo


In the framework of the Tempus GIEP project, the project consortium has been part of an afternoon session at the event organized by the Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean - RES4MED, "A step change in the deployment of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency solutions in the Mediterranean". The event has represented an important opportunity to disseminate the results of the three years and discuss with a broad panel of stakeholders, on issues related to sustainable development, capacity building and promotion of renewable energy in the Egyptian context to a high level audience of institutions, ministries, companies.

Program of the event

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Education, research, scientific networking and trust building within international cooperation

31st July 2015 - European Pavilion, EXPO Milano 2015

The conference, organized by the CUCS Network, in partnerships with UNSDSN, MED Solutions, UNESCO, MAECI and CRUI, has stressed the relevance of education, research and scientific diplomacy within the main challenges of International Cooperation and Sustainable Development, among which food security represents one of the key element of the more and more claimed integrated management of natural resources, public services and human capacities. Three topics have been discussed with international experts within three main sessions:

1. New competences for cooperation and development

2. Research and innovation for development: the case of urban food systems and policies

3. Scientific networking and trust building

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Energy and the integrated management of resources: system thinking for technicians and policy makers

25th June 2015 - European Pavilion, EXPO Milano 2015


Around a seventh of the world's population – the so called ‘bottom billion' – does not have a secure, affordable food supply and has only limited access to clean water and sanitation, in addition to a lack of access to modern energy. In the perspective of an integrated approach to efficient management of resources, energy, water, food, land and climate are closely linked one to the other: each one of the single resource affects the others, and therefore ignoring this inter-dependency could lead to policies or technological solutions with unfulfilling sustainability requirements. The need for an integrated planning approach is getting more and more urgent, especially if one wishes to implement solutions or policies that can be effective in promoting both equitable and sustainable exploitation and/or management of different natural resources with a high degree of efficiency.

The conference served as a high level platform for discussing on the integrated approach to global resource management and will address two main interlinked topics:

- Which policies are needed to support a new paradigm for resource integration?

- Which technologies may fit within an integrated and efficient approach and how can we design them?

Program of the event

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International Cooperation for Sustainable Energy Strategies, Energy Access and Nexus with Water, Food and Land
Milan,  December4th-6th 2013



International cooperation is nowadays considered an essential element for the promotion of global energy strategies that can meet the four main dimensions of sustainability: economic, environmental, social and institutional.

Politecnico di Milano and Enel Foundation jointly organized this international conference to serve as high level platform for networking and scientific exchange in the field.

In the perspective of an integrated approach to resource management, energy is closely linked to other resources, in particular water and food. Availability and security of water, energy and food can be achieved through an integrated approach. This conference represented an high level opportunity to discuss on these topics.


Program of the conference.

UNESCO Chair e4sd at MeetMeTonight 2013

Milan, September 27th 2013


How to build a low-cost thermal solar panel, or a sand water filter for African countries? The UNESCO Chair e4sd present their activities and a the photo exibition "Alt(r)i contrasti", in collaboration with Ingegneria Senza Frontiere Milano (ISF-MI).

Program of the event.



Sustainable Energy Strategies in Low and Middle-Income Economies
Milan, November 22sd-23rd 2012

International conference organized in cooperation with UNIDO and ICS-UNIDO.
The conference aimed at establishing an international and effective network of experts working worldwide in the field of access to energy and sustainable energy. It served as a high level platform for discussion on sustainable implementation models as part of an integrated approach to global resource management. Three main interlinked topics related to the role of energy for sustainable growth were discussed: technologies to be promoted, business models for new inclusive energy markets, policies and institutions to support new energy systems. During the conference a web based community implemented by Politecnico di Milano was created, giving the opportunity to start a knowledge-sharing platform within the community of experts who attended the conference.


Program of the conference.