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Prof. Emanuela Colombo

Rector's Delegate to Cooperation and Development

She holds an M.Sc in Nuclear Engineering and a Ph.D. in Energetic at Politecnico di Milano. She is an Associate Professor in Energetic and Engineering for Cooperation for Development. She was named Chair holder of the UNESCO Chair in Energy for Sustainable Development in 2012. From a scientific perspective, her research focuses on system analysis for highlighting the interrelations between energy, environment, and development and on sustainable energy strategies for promoting access to energy in developing countries. She is author of more than 100 scientific papers and is currently the coordinator of two European projects in Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. One of the founders of Engineers Without Borders in Milan, she was named Rector's delegate to Cooperation and Development in 2005 and more recently to the International Relationship with Africa. She coordinates the CUCS network of 30 Italian universities and is a member of the related working group at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is a member of the EDF panel on Sustainable Development.