The activity of the Chair includes advisory to NGOs and private companies. To improve the effectiveness and sustainability of cooperation projects, The Chair is convinced in the complementarity of all interested actors and in the importance of multilateral partnership. The role of university focuses on research and is oriented towards innovative solution, by improving methodologies and assessing most appropriate technologies for specific contexts.

Evaluation models, ecological and financial impact studies

Community empowerment for efficient production, use and access of renewable and sustainable energy in rural areas

Study commissioned by Tender, Italian NGO  (July 2012- July 2015).
Location: Malawi, call Energy Facility
Partner with Fondazione Politecnico di Milano.

Pre-feasibility studies

Access to energy in Cabo Delgado Province

Study for an Italian NGO (December 2012-March 2013).
The study allowed to state the actual situation of the energy sector in Mozambique, in particular in two focus areas in Cabo Delgado Province. Problems related to energy have been investigated thanks to both the analysis of policies, programmes and projects, and an on-field assessment of the actual situation of access to energy in the target areas. A preliminary identification of the problems and opportunities at the target level allowed to define some main actions to be considered in order to enhance access to energy in compliance with the principles of sustainable development.


Consultancy projects

Improved cook stoves & thermoelectric modules for domestic usage in Mozambique

Advisory and study for a private Italian Company (July 2012- January 2013)
The study was carried out as advisory service for an Italian energy company. The analysis of the context of Mozambique and the study of the household needs within this study underlined the massive use of traditional biomass and the problems coming from the traditional cooking devices. Since transition to modern fuels and technologies results unfeasible in the short term, a good
intermediate solution is the use of "Improved stoves", which have a good thermal efficiency of combustion, relatively low emissions and offer the possibility of integration with TE modules for island household electric generation.