Mantova 2040

The event is devoted to the presentation of 10 researches, currently undergoing at the Mantova Campus of Politecnico di Milano. These researches refer all to the Genio Collettivo Project, aimed at the enhancement of Mantova UNESCO heritage site and its territory, as well as transferring knowledges. The researches range from urban and architectural planning and development programs (Luca Cardani and Gloria Pessina) to the improvement of accessibility (Stefania Campioli), passing through researches focused on historical memories (Ludovica Cappelletti and Claudia Tinazzi), surveys for the conservation and enhancement of the tangible and intangible heritage (Elena Pozzi and Olga Rosignoli), researches addressing the communication and representation of heritage (Marco Introini and Andrea Poltronieri) and researches aimed at spreading the specific knowledges about the territory and UNESCO politics thanks to the establishment of international partnerships (Cecilia Fumagalli and Matteo Moscatelli).

The event is introduced by Vittorio Longheu, Professor of Architectural Design at the Mantova Campus of Politecnico di Milano.