Emanuele Fidone

Emanuele Fidone is an Italian architect. Graduated in 1984 from IUAV in Venice, since 2000 he has been teaching in several universities in Europe, including the Technische Universität in Berlin, the British School in Rome, the Fachhochschule in Munich, and the Escola Tècnica Superior de Arquitectura in Barcelona. He is currently Associate Professor of Architectural and Urban Composition at the School of Architecture of Univerità degli Studi di Catania in Siracusa. 
Fidone runs his own practice in Siracusa. Among the most recent projects of the office are: a multipurpose civic centre in Modica (Italy, 2010); the restoration of the paleo Christian Basilica of San Pietro in Siracusa (2009) and of the convent of Santa Maria del Gesù in Modica (2008) in collaboration with Bruno Messina; the intervention on an ex covered market in Ortigia, transformed into a tourist services hub (Siracusa, 2000).
His designs and his participation to architectural competitions have earned him awards, have been published internationally and included in several exhibitions.
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