Architettura e Fotografia

Through  Luca  Mantovani's  photographic  experience  on  ‘Serraglio',  an  area  located  southwards  from  Mantova  and  delimited  by  the  Rivers  Mincio  and  Po,  and  by  other  canals,  we  will  discuss  with  Gloria  Bianchino  and  Paolo  Zermani  about  the  meaning  of  photographic  project  intended  as  a  process  of  knowledge  and  about  the  responsibility  in  representing  the  architecture  and  landscape  iconographies. 


Curator's biographies 


Luca  Mantovani  is  an  Italian  architect  and  photographer.  In  2017,  his  photographs  have  been  exhibited  at  Muesum  Mondo  Piccolo  in  Fontanelle  di  Roccabianca  in  the  exhibition  "Piccole  terre  di  frontier"  curated  by  Gloria  Bianchino. 

Marco  Introini  is  an  Italian  architect  and  photographer.  He  teaches  Photography  of  Architecture  and  Technique  of  Representation  at  Politecnico  di  Milano. 

Gloria  Bianchino  is  an  Italian  art  historian.  She  teaches  History  ofContemporary  Art  at  University  of  Parma.  From  1989  to  2013,  she  has  been  Director  of  CSAC  in  Parma. 

Paolo  Zermani  is  an  Italian  architect.  Full  Professor  of  Architectural  Composition  at  the  Faculty  of  Architecture  in  Florence,  he  is  founder  of  the  "Identità  dell'architettura  italiana"  festival. 



Luca Mantovani is an Italian architect and photographer. In 2

017, his

photographs have been exhibited at Muesum Mondo Piccolo in Fon

tanelle di

Roccabianca in the exhibition


Piccole terre di frontier


curated by Gloria


Marco Introini is an Italian architect and photographer. He t


Photography of Architecture and Technique of Representation

at Politecnico

di Milano.

Gloria Bianchino is an Italian art historian. She teaches History of

Contemporary Art at University of Parma. From 1989 to 2013,

she has been

Director of CSAC in Parma.

Paolo Zermani is an Italian architect. Full Professor of Archite


Composition at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, he is

founder of the


Identità dell


architettura italiana