Terms and Conditions of use

BeeP | Be e-Poli it's a free service of Politecnico di Milano - METID.
The use of the BeeP service is regulated and conditioned by the acceptance agreement and the respect of the terms and conditions of use:

  • using the BeeP service, the user agrees not to use materials illicitly: and thus (but not only) agrees not to place into BeeP- Be e-Poli any contents that could violate others' rights of intellectual property or of personality;
  • Politecnico di Milano - METID operates the daily back up of the data inserted in the platform. Politecnico di Milano - METID will reactivate the data only in case of technical problems due to its liability. The reactivation will refer to the last backup executed. However, we ask the user to keep a backup of his pages and his files published on the Portal;
  • Politecnico di Milano - METID offers Help Support to the BeeP users. Any problem and mulfunction have to be pointed out to the following address: beep.metid@polimi.it

Limited Liability and Warranty

Politecnico di Milano - METID does not have direct control on the information produced by the users and it will not be liable for the users' conduct, because of the terms and conditions exposed above. All users that have access to the BeeP service accept to have full individual liability for what he publishes.

Politecnico di Milano - METID will not be liable for the consequences that can arise to the users because of some malfunctions or damages (and thus, but not only, data loss) that could derive from the same ones.

Politecnico di Milano - METID does not assume any responsibility or liability for any damage or prejudice that could arise to the user or to a third party after the download or visualization on each computer or of other material of any kind available on BeeP.

Politecnico di Milano - METID does not guarantee the continuity in time of the service distribution.

Suspension of the service

In case the described terms or usage conditions are violated, Politecnico di Milano - METID retains explicitly the right to suspend, without notice, the user's access to BeeP and to eliminate the data inserted by this latter.

Politecnico di Milano - METID retains explicitly the right not to make the online courses that result inactive for at least 24 months any longer available on the Portal, and to delete the related data. With "inactive" we refer to the online courses that professors and students haven't accessed in the latest 24 months.

If the name is present in the online contact list of Politecnico, the professor will receive an e-mail notice one month before the removal of the course. During this period of time, if the professor sends a specific request via e-mail to beep.metid@polimi.it  he will receive a copy of the course material on a DVD