1. Browser
For a correct visualization (Desktop version) we suggest to use Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9.

PAY ATTENTION! With Internet Explorer 7 and 8 the Portal may not work efficiently.

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Macromedia Flash Player
The BeeP Portal uses Macromedia Flash for some applications. We recommend the latest version of Flash Player.
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3. Cookies and Javascript

Cookies are small text files containing information that are needed to identify the user who, after a first visit, returns to browse the Beep Portal. During this process, none of the personal data are memorized. The information given by the cookies serve exclusively to facilitate the user navigation.

Javascript is a programming language used to add interactive and dynamic elements to the web pages. For a correct navigation, verify that the Javascript interpreter is active on the browser. Inside the BeeP Portal this technology is used to visualize the pages with different resolution and for the navigation.