How to activate an Integrated Course assignment

How to activate an assignment


How to activate an assignment

Once you have entered BeeP, go to the Activate assignment page. Here you will find all of the assignments you have been given, listed according to academic year.

To activate an assignment click on Activate.
You will be presented with up to three options depending on the course type and any other assignments you may have.


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Option 1 – Create new course


This option enables you to create a course in BeeP that is exclusively dedicated to the assignment you are activating. During the activation phase you can select the type of course, or rather whether to activate a standard course or enrich it with forums or forums and blogs. Don't worry, this choice isn't binding. You can add both a forum and a blog after you have already activated a course.



Option 2 – Associate with another of your courses


A useful option if you already activated a course last year or you have two different assignments but with the same programme and you don't want to upload the same materials twice. Choose the course with which you wish to associate the assignment you are activating from the dropdown window. In this way you can combine the new course with the course you have selected to create a single environment in which the students of both courses will be enrolled.


From September 2014 is enabled the automatic unsubscription for students who have achieved the exam. In this way, even if you select the option "Attach to the course" in the activation of new assignements.

Students who have completed the exam will be automatically deleted. Automatic unsubscribing is applied one month after the exam date (and at first student login).


Option 3 – Associate with integrated course


If your assignment forms part of an integrated course you will be presented with this option. Choose it to create a single environment "shared" by all of the Integrated Course lecturers.

N.B.: your course will be renamed with the name of the Integrated Course.


Watch this Video Tutorial to understand how to manage an integrated course.

How to enrol a collaborator on your course


How to enrol a collaborator on your course

Do you have to enrol a collaborator that helps you with the management of the course?


1. Enrol them on the course:

- enter into the course and choose the Manage Enrolment option in the top right of the screen

- click on Add user and write in the name, surname or email address and click on Search

- select his or her name and click on Save.

This will add your assistant to the list of those enrolled in the course.


2. Assign them the role of lecturer:

Click on Actions, Assign the roles to the User and then tick Professor

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How to upload and manage your materials


How to upload and manage your materials

Enter your course and go into the Documents and Media page:

- create folders and subfolders in Add in order to organise your materials in the best way possible

- still in Add you can upload single or multiple documents (selecting multiple files simultaneously)


ATTENTION PLEASE! the system accepts a maximum of 50 Mb at a time, so check the size of your file before uploading it to Beep


Watch the video tutorial

Tips&Tricks: organise this space creating folders and subfolders so it is easier for students to navigate the course materials.


Advanced functions:

- make it easier to search for materials by associating Keywords (Tags) and descriptions

– move files from one folder to another using Drag&Drop

– create a link to an uploaded file in another course or in your personal pages using the Add -> Link function