Members of the Board of Professors are assigned to each Strategic Research Line (SRL) of ABC Department, in order to tutor PhD Candidates working on related topics

Strategic Research Line 1: Innovative projects for architecture, spaces and services
O. Bellini (ICAR/12); F. Belloni (ICAR/14); F. Bonfante (ICAR/14); M. Buffoli (MED/42); L. Daglio (ICAR/12); E. Manganaro (ICAR/14); L. Pezzetti (ICAR/14)

Strategic Research Line 2: Digital, energy and technological transformation for the built environment and the construction industry
A. Caragliu (SECS-P/06); F. Re Cecconi (ICAR/11); M. Ruta (ICAR/11); G. Salvalai (ICAR/10); L. Sdino (ICAR/22); A. Tartaglia (ICAR/12)

Strategic Research Line 3: Advanced materials and components, clean tech and innovative manufacturing and construction technologies
P. Caputo (ING-IND/11); V. Carvelli (ICAR/08); P. Colombi (ICAR/08); C. Del Pero (ING-IND/11M. Lavagna (ICAR/12); L. Malighetti (ICAR/10)

Strategic Research Line 4: Risk reduction strategies for the built environment
S. Cattaneo (ICAR/09); T. D'Antino (ICAR/09); M. Morena (ICAR/12); M. Valente (ICAR/09)

Strategic Research Line 5: History, science, technology, management and development of cultural heritage and landscape
E. Boeri (ICAR/18); S. Della Torre (ICAR/19); M.P. Iarossi (ICAR/17); C. Rossi (L-OR/02); M. Scaioni (ICAR/06)

Strategic Research Line 6: Cooperation and technology transfer for emerging countries (with a special focus on Africa)
C. Del Pero (ING-IND/11)