The PhD Programme in Urban Planning, Design and Policy (UPDP) aims at exploring the significance and the impact of contemporary urban changes and at understanding the way they can be governed through planning, design and policy-making activities.
By establishing a dialogue with the best European and International schools, this PHD programme is the place for research and innovative approaches to urban studies, spatial planning and urban design.
The main courses and workshops focus on the following research areas:
•  Urban studies;
•  Planning Theories and Practices;
•  Design topics, Forms and Tools.
Having an international orientation, this Programme is aimed to train highly qualified  researchers and professionals to work in academic institutions, research centres, public administrations and the private sector.

Prof. Luca Gaeta
P: +39.02.2399.5426

Prof. Valeria Fedeli
E: valeria.fedeli@polim
P:  +39.02.2399.5531

Prof. Carolina Pacchi
P:    +39.02.2399.5469

  Board of professors

Andrea Arcidiacono, Alessandro Balducci, Bertrando Bonfantini, Massimo Bricocoli, Antonella Bruzzese, Grazia Concilio, Bruno Dente, Valeria Fedeli, Luca Gaeta, Fabiano Lemes de Oliveira, Antonio Longo, Ilaria Mariotti, Scira Menoni, Corinna Morandi, Eugenio Morello, Stefano Moroni, Carolina Pacchi, Gabriele Pasqui, Paolo Pileri, Davide Ponzini, Paola Pucci, Costanzo Ranci, Andrea Rolando, Rossella Salerno, Stefania Sabatinelli, Marialessandra Secchi 

•  More information and the contacts of the Board of Professors can be found on:
Politecnico di Milano website | Search Professors Section

  PhD Course Tutor
Alice Buoli

  PhD Office, DAStU - Department of Architecture and Urban Studies
Marina Bonaventura and Marilena Mastalli
E: ;
E: ;
P: +39.02.2399.5410

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