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1 Mar 9 Introductions; IWRM c. 700 AD   History Slides  (27 MB); Student Info SheetILO-1  
  Mar 10 ILO-1. Introduction to Matlab   ILO-1 folder  
  Mar 12 Water uses; Rational planning Loucks ch. 2Lund paper    
2 Mar 16 Reliability, resiliency and vulnerability indicators Loucks ch. 10.1-10.4 & 10.6 Performance Indicator NotesILO-2  
  Mar 17 ILO-2. Flood performance metrics   ILO-2 folder ILO-1 DUE
  Mar 19 User competition; Game theory Madani paper Game Theory Notes  
3 Mar 23 Modelling to support planning; Overview of Grandi Laggi Lombardi; form groups Loucks paper Modeling to Suppor t Planning NotesGroup sign-up sheet  
  Mar 24 ILO-3. Irrigania game Seibert and Vis paper ILO-3 folder ILO-2 DUE
  Mar 26 Reservoir operations Loucks ch. 11.2.2 Reservoir operation notes; Matlab Example  
4 Mar 30 Prioritized water allocations in WEAP WEAP User's Manual WEAP slides Topic DUE
  Mar 31 ILO-4. WEAP modeling of the Lower Bear River, Utah Bear River Basin Case Study Introduction ILO-4; Lab Activity; Hyrum Dam Data; LowerBearWEAPArea.zip ILO-3 DUE
  Apr 2 Holiday - No Class      
5 Apr 6 Holiday - No Class      
  Apr 7 Holiday - No Class      
  Apr 9 Group project - Interim presentation Guide to give presentationsGroup and self rating form Feedback formGrading rubric  
6 Apr 13 Interactive multi-objective visualizations Lutov paper; DecisionVis paper    
  Apr 14 ILO-5. Multi-objective visualizations   ILO-5; Multi-objective visualization lab ILO-4 DUE
  Apr 16 Group report expectations; meetings with groups Guide to write reports; Report Writing Tips; Helpful Hints for Writing Reports; Grading rubricGroup and self rating form    
7 Apr 20 Near-optimal management Rosenberg paper Near optimal slides; Peer Feedback FormPeer review assignments

Progress Report DUE

   21 Hydropower generation Loucks, ch 11.3.4 Hydropower slides ILO-5 DUE
  Apr 23 Managing water for the environment Restoring environmental flows report Environmental management slides Peer Review DUE
8 Apr 27 Individual meetings with groups      
  Apr 28 ILO-6. Near-optimal management   ILO-6 Folder: ILO-6 Problem; ILO-6 Lab Directions; ReservoirOperationProblem.m  
  Apr 30 Removing dams Dam removals (pp 40-49, 79-96); Graph report (pp. 40-54) Dam removal slides  
9 May 4 Grandi Laggi Lombardi in WEAP   Grand Lagi Directed Activity  
  May 5 Grandi Laggi Lombardi in WEAP      
  May 7
Grandi Laggi Lombardi in WEAP
    ILO-6 DUE
10 May 11 Individual meetings with groups      
  May 12 Grandi Laggi Lombardi in WEAP   Examples of Student Plagairism  
  May 14 Basin Planning and Drought Management   Performance Metric Feedback; Middle East slides  
11 May 18 Group project - work time      
  May 19 Group project - work time Webpage grading rubricGroup and self rating form   BEEP Page
  May 21 Group project - work time      
  May 25 Group project - work time      
  May 26 Group project - work time      
  May 28 Group project - work time      
13 Jun 1 Holiday - No class      
  Jun 2

Wiki due. Holiday - No class

Wiki Grading Rubric    
  Jun 4 Final group presentations Guide to give presentationsGroup and self rating form Feedback formGrading rubric; Course Feedback Form