The Doctoral Research The Doctoral Research

The research and training activities of each PhD Candidates is planned and developed in one of the eight following research field of the Department (DABC). A Working Group made up of a few Members of ABC-PhD Board is in charge of coordinating the evaluation activities (e.g., Milestones and End-of-Year Evaluations) related to each Research Line:

  1. Advanced Construction Materials and Innovative Building Technologies
    (Valter Carvelli, Pierluigi Colombi, Marco Imperadori)
  2. Energy and Environmental Efficient Buildings (E3B)
    (Claudio Del Pero, Monica Lavagna, Laura Malighetti)
  3. Risk prevention and emergency management
    (Sara Cattaneo, Enrico De Angelis)
  4. Architectural and Urban Design
    (Laura Pezzetti, Andrea Tartaglia, Martina Lansberger)
  5. Complex Buildings
    (Francesca Bonfante, Andrea Ciaramella, Marco Valente)
  6. Preservation and Enhancement of Built Heritage
    (Valeria Pracchi, Corinna Rossi, Michele Caja)
  7. ICT and Smart Construction
    (Fulvio Re Cecconi, Marco Scaioni, Laura Daglio)
  8. Built Environment Economy and Management: life cycle, land and territory
    (Andrea Caragliu, Oscar Bellini, Nerantzia Tzorzi)